March 18 GMM Postponed
From Stuart Simms on Mar 13, 2020

The 18 March General Membership Meeting has been postponed, below is a message from SHOA President, Bill Hughes:
The next general membership meeting is slated for 18 March at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel. Coming out of the season it's often a meeting with a lot of stories from the run to the playoffs and the playoffs themselves. We also get to congratulate those who were selected for national and other major tournaments. As well as discuss several normal end-of-year issues leading to the elections in May.

While we have several business issues to discuss, most importantly we must consider a disciplinary case that likely will have ramifications as
to how the SHOA operation runs going forward. We need every voting eligible, active member to attend, hear the case and vote on the outcome. The
Secretary is working on that list now.

Unfortunately, we've all seen and heard the news about the Coronavirus. There is no need to get into the politics or science of it. Like many other organizations USAH and SHOA are being impacted. Simply stated, that out of an abundance of caution for the group congregating in a small space, we're postponing the meeting.

The Secretary will try to confirm The Gardens Ice House at Laurel for 735pm 7 April following the yoga class in order to have space for a larger crowd or identify an alternate location if we can't get the group to give up time.
We will push down the April meeting by then.

I hope to see you then.

Bill Hughes

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